How to Install WordPress on a Web Server, Part One

In my previous blog post, I discussed the benefits and drawbacks of using the blog hosting service at versus installing WordPress on your own web server. As promised, I’m now going to outline the steps you should take in order to install a customizable version of WordPress in the server space allocated to you by your web host.

First of all, you’ll need to download and install some free software in order to work through this tutorial. If you need help installing any of the following programs, please consult the appropriate developer’s website for instructions – and remember, as this is all free software, you can’t expect a great deal of technical support from the developers. Most of them provide support pages or user forums to help you with any specific issues. You can also try searching for a solution via Google, because it is likely others have already encountered the same problem and solved it.

WordPress: Why Self-Hosting WP Is Better Than Using

If you are a blogger or even a regular reader of blogs, you are probably familiar with WordPress even if you’ve never used it. Since its release in 2003 it has evolved from a basic blogging platform to a flexible yet easy-to-use content management system, thanks to the efforts of many developers and users. It is currently the most popular blogging platform on the internet.