Consulting & Teaching

Clamour Creative - Allen Zuk's consulting and teaching servicesWhether you’re a self-published author looking for help publishing your own work, a company seeking advice on how to sell your knowledge digitally, or a literary agency looking to expand your publishing operations or services, email Allen for a free initial consultation. You might find digital publishing is a lot easier and cheaper than you expected!

CLAMOUR offers advice, training and consulting on all facets of digital content production and delivery. Allen Zuk’s knowledge of all things digital was gained over many years inside and outside of the publishing industry in Canada, the US and the UK.

The last ten years of Allen Zuk’s 20-plus-year career have primarily been spent providing creative and technical services to the publishing industry. In addition, he has provided technical editing, consulting and writing for various internationally published titles on graphic design, digital audio, web development, digital photography, typography and creative software. Finally, he has developed the curriculum for the technology component of the Humber College Creative Book Publishing Program and has been teaching these courses for the past eight years. For more information on Allen’s background, click here or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Humber College student testimonials:

“Allen is wonderful and very patient. His enthusiasm for the subject is catching – definitely one of my favourite teachers of the whole program. Content was very engaging and I liked that he formatted the class in such a way that he let our speed dictate how fast we went through assignments.”

“Allen is such a great teacher. He is always there for extra help beyond regular class time. I learned so much in his class and always left feeling proud of my accomplishments.”

“Allen is great! It’s difficult to teach how to use software, but Allen did a great job. He makes every student feel like they can do it and manages to give individual attention. He makes the course entertaining and accessible.”

“Allen is a wonderful teacher. He’s relatable, patient and very honest about the work we did. (…) Definitely one of my favourite courses!”

“…Allen did a great job of giving both a general overview and specific instructions. He was quick to respond to email questions, which was very helpful especially when completing projects at home.”

“Allen is a wonderful instructor, he was really patient and explained things at a pace that was easy to follow.”

“My favourite class – Allen is a great teacher.”

“Allen did a very good job answering any questions about the use of technology in the publishing industry. He was very knowledgable and patient throughout the whole process. (…) I feel like I’ve gained many skills that will be valuable to me in getting a job.”

“Allen was great. He was really good at pacing and making sure that people’s questions were addressed. (…) I feel that I acquired really valuable skills during the course of the specialization.”

“(Allen) is hugely knowledgeable and very engaging.”

“Good speaker, good teacher, gets his points across and makes it interesting. (He) got back to us in a timely manner via email if we had questions.”

“Great. I usually panic and fall behind in these kinds of classes and don’t learn anything, but I learned a lot, asked questions and never felt overwhelmed. Allen is a great, patient teacher.”

“Allen Zuk was a fantastic instructor. Allen’s own experience in the field in addition to the diverse guest speakers made technology a really great class to go to.”

“Allen’s the bomb.”