Ebook Production

We design and produce top quality ebooks in various formats for all current devices and reading applications. What makes a Clamour ebook better than the ones you can produce for free online, or pay more money for from other services? When you hire Clamour, Allen Zuk produces your title with an eye for clean code, beautiful images that are suited to target devices, and a background in professional editing – he can read and evaluate markup language and the English language at the same time. Plus, you will have direct contact with Allen throughout the production process, and you can be as involved as you wish.

Allen began writing markup language (HTML/CSS) by hand on websites 15 years ago – this is the same language used in ebooks, and while it can be generated by programs like Adobe InDesign and various online services, Clamour can provide a much greater quality of code and editorial-level attention to detail for a competitive price. Allen can explain to you how comprehensive metadata helps to sell your titles online amidst growing competition, and he can help you make your titles available internationally by establishing direct links between you and all the primary vendors’ sites, such as Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble (US clients only), and Kobo.

These skills, combined with a significant degree of editorial experience and a passion for new technologies, allows Clamour to offer beautiful, standards-compliant EPUB and MOBI files which will work in any ereading app or device: iPads and other tablets, smartphones, Kobo, Kindle and Sony e-ink devices, and even the humble desktop or browser reading app. We also offer production of print-on-demand titles, interactive Apple Multi-Touch titles, blogs, and content management system-driven websites. If it can be read on a screen or on paper, Clamour can produce it and help you publish it! Email Allen today for details or sample titles.

Are you a public speaker, artist, entrepreneur or other self-employed expert in your field? Ebooks are the new business cards, and can be your digital portfolio! Contact Allen today to find out how he can help you promote yourself and your work.

Are you a literary agency with authors asking you how to capitalize on titles for which they now have digital rights? Partner with Clamour to provide these services to them at a rate they can afford, and make money in the process.